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Why Choose Our Services in Bothell

Our team of attic and crawl space experts knows the Bothell area well. We’ve serviced numerous homes and businesses, addressing the unique challenges presented by the local climate and wildlife. Bothell, a city known for its scenic beauty and suburban charm, features a mix of historic homes and new developments, each with distinct needs.

Bothell is a community rich in history and nature. Did you know that Bothell is home to the North Creek Forest, a vital urban forest that offers trails and educational opportunities? This connection to nature is a cherished aspect of Bothell living.

Here’s what sets us apart:

Local Expertise: We have in-depth knowledge of Bothell’s weather patterns and the specific needs of its varied housing styles, allowing us to provide tailored services.

Comprehensive Services: From thorough inspections to detailed clean-outs and essential repairs, we cover all aspects of attic and crawl space care.

Quality and Reliability: We utilize the latest techniques and top-quality tools to ensure outstanding results for your home.

Our services extend beyond attic and crawl space cleaning and repair. We also specialize in rodent-proofing, installing new fans and vents in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms, and more. Need insulation for your garage, bedroom, or shed? We’ve got it covered. Additionally, we offer air duct cleaning and installation to maximize your home’s heating and cooling efficiency.

Not sure what your Bothell attic needs? Our local experts will start with a thorough inspection and propose the right solution, beginning with a deep cleaning.

We safely remove old attic insulation, use large vacuums to clean up debris, and install new insulation to improve your homes energy efficiency.

Attic ventilation helps regulate temperature and extend the life of your roof in Bothell. Our team can install new baffles, solar-powered fans, and more.


Our crawlspace insulation removal team safely removes the old damaged insulation to help you replace it with a high quality material to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

We will safely remove old, damaged insulation, replacing it with high-quality material to enhance your home’s energy efficiency.

To prevent excess moisture from seeping into your crawl space we will install a plastic reinforced barrier.

To protect your Bothell home from water damage, consider a sump pump installation in your crawl space. At Attic Crawl, we’re ready to ensure your home stays dry and secure.

Bothell Air Ducts & Vents Services


Air Duct Insulation

We can quickly assess your Bothell ductwork and provide air duct replacement, cleaning, and repair services to ensure you breathe quality air.

Call in our Bothell mold removal specialists to tackle any stubborn mold. We are a certified company using the best materials in the industry to ensure your home is mold-free.

Tired of pesky rodents in your home, attic, or crawlspace? Our Bothell cleaning crew will handle rodent removal and proofing throughout your property to ensure no critters invade your space.

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